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Do attorneys "beat people up"
 to win lawsuits? 

We think this is the best-kept secret in America today. It also seems that no matter how good your case is, the side with the most money to pay their attorney wins. So where's the justice?

Who We Are

Since 2003, the Association for Honest Attorneys (A.H.A!) has been a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to discouraging civil litigation, increasing public awareness of the illegal and unethical practices of many attorneys, and seeking "justice for all." C.E.O. and Founder, Joan Farr [fka Joan Heffington], began the organization with three other directors in Kansas, one of whom was a lawyer of 27 years who gave up his law license to join us. Our goal was to improve the legal system in America and gain respect for the legal profession by striving to keep attorneys honest. We did this by publishing a book called TEN SECRETS You Must Know Before Hiring a Lawyer, referring people to lawyers we felt they could trust, and by creating a list of “Lawyers to Avoid & Consider.” However, we had no idea that we would be put on the terrorist watch list and a National Security Letter issued against us. All of our directors were eventually run off, one of them resigned in 2007 after he was threatened that he would lose his job as a city inspector. The former lawyer of 27 years and had given up his law license to join us was run out of Kansas, moved to Virginia and became a truck driver. He was forced to resign in 2011 after his wife had IRS concerns. After all of our directors departed, Joan added God as a director on the board in 2007. He has never left us. As a result of the targeting, we then evolved into an independent government watchdog agency and advocate against illegal domestic surveillance and the targeting of innocent Americans nationwide. Since lawyers become judges become politicians, and attorneys make up the majority of people in our government today, many of them are arrogantly not following our own laws which they themselves created. So we developed a short guide to help people file their own federal lawsuits if their Constitutional rights have been violated. It is located under “How to File a Federal Suit” on our website. We also assisted in helping people take cases all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court and have taken 12 cases from 2003 - 2018. Since we were targeted as a Tea Party group in 2013 and our 501(c)3 status illegally revoked, Joan now continues her efforts as a pre-litigation consultant in Oklahoma. She tries to resolve disputes before they turn into lawsuits according to the Bible.

What We Do

We have always strived to help people reduce stress and save money in any legal matter through alternative means of resolving issues, rather than lawsuits. In addition to referrals, we offered assistance with attorney difficulties, education regarding the legal system, emotional support and a timely resolution of legal matters. Until 2018, the A.H.A! operated from tax-deductible donations which were used to increase public awareness through mass mailings and the news media in an effort to discourage litigation, especially suits which are frivolous. We encouraged people to report ethical violations and/or criminal acts involving attorneys/judges/police/courts, and welcomed membership by attorneys who were committed to our goals and the good of mankind. We were hoping attorney members would agree to vow not to drag legal matters out needlessly, refuse to allow or engage in intentional emotional distress or harassment of clients and/or witnesses, and be loyal to truth and justice above money. But it never happened since we were on the terrorist watch list and didn’t know it - not one lawyer joined us in 16 years. Because we could not get any publicity, the A.H.A! began a quarterly newsletter in 2004 that eventually reached over 110,000,000 people internationally. We took a total of 11 cases to the United States Supreme Court in 15 years and continued to try and assist people who could not get lawyers to represent them. Our research since 2003 showed that there are only two ways to effect change in America: file lawsuits against the system and get the right people in office. We began working with Senators in Congress in 2016 to try and get National Security Letters removed against innocent Americans. However, lawsuits are still the only method that can be used until President Trump makes good on this campaign promised that he made in a debate with Hillary on September 29, 2016. Therefore, Joan continues to assist people wronged by the legal system as a “dba” in Oklahoma under the same name.

When We Began

In 1999, Joan decided to leave her job at Boeing after 17 years and later decided to try her hand at homebuilding. That year she became the first female homebuilder to join the Wichita Area Builders Association and it made the front page of the paper (“Wife, Mother, General Contractor...,” The Wichita Eagle, Oct. 3, 1999, p. 1). Male builders were worried that she was going to take away their business and the ‘good ole boy’ network influenced 45 lawyers not to represent her in a lawsuit to try and save her business (Case No. 01C0771). In December 2001, even with 500 pieces of evidence and 150 laws broken, her suit was dismissed. When Joan appealed her case, false charges were brought against her 14-year old son. She took it all the way to the United States Supreme Court in an effort to ensure "justice for all", since the side with the most money always seemed to win. Her case was denied review, but this discrimination prompted Joan to write her book TEN SECRETS You Must Know Before Hiring a Lawyer and begin the Association for Honest Attorneys (A.H.A!) with three other directors in April, 2003. As mentioned earlier, one of them was a former lawyer of 27 years who gave up his law license to join us. Joan went on to file another case due to the harassment of her son, and another when her husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack at age 50 due to the stress of her health issues. Several other cases followed, including the death of her father in Viet Nam, the divorce of millionaire John Sigg in Iola, KS and the death of the wife of T.W. Frank of Mulvane, KS who were also targeted by the good ole boy network in Kansas (see Cases #1 & #2 under “Supporting Documents”).

Then in 2009, just after the A.H.A! tried to help a 22-year old college student who was being targeted and near death, Joan was falsely sued by the State of Kansas for practicing law without a license. This prompted her to run for Kansas governor against NWO career politician Sam Brownback in 2010. However, the donation button was blocked on her campaign website again and A.H.A! research showed that elections have been fixed in KS for years, so she lost. In December 2010, Joan went to a hearing in the state suit against her which was turned into a surprise 3-day trial. Without any legal representation, a jury or any witnesses against her, she was found guilty by the Kansas Attorney General and fined $120,400. She appealed the case all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court (twice), but it was not heard. This was followed by an IRS audit of the A.H.A! in 2013, even though Joan never took a salary and the A.H.A! never had to file taxes since they always averaged $25,000 or less in donations, The continued harassment inspired Joan to run for the United States Senate in Oklahoma in 2014. However, the donation button on her website was blocked again, she was given almost no publicity and of course, she lost again. Then in early 2015, false letters were sent by the IRS that the A.H.A!’s non-profit status had been revoked in 2010 and that Joan owed $88,800 in back taxes. She was told that if she didn’t file a lawsuit she would have to pay. As the litigation dragged on, Joan realized the A.H.A! was being targeted as a Tea Party group like other non-profits. However, at her trial in 2018, the retired judge from D.C. struck all evidence, revoked our 501(c)3 status, and fined Joan $88,800. In October 2018, she took a total of three cases at the same time to the U.S. Supreme Court and even sent a copy to President Trump. However, since the high court only hears 1/3 of 1% of cases by pro se litigants, none of these were heard making a total of 11 unheard cases from Kansas in 15 years. Joan had no choice but to dissolve the A.H.A! as a non-profit in April 2019, but reopened as a dba in Oklahoma under the same name. Joan again ran for the United States Senate in Oklahoma in 2020 as an Independent to try and overhaul the legal system and implement the “justice amendment” described below. Although she lost again, at least Trump’s pursuit of the election fraud in his race has finally come to light.

Why We Began

The A.H.A! and its directors were deeply concerned about the lack of justice in our justice system, as well as the illegal and unethical strategies used by attorneys to win lawsuits. The side with the most money to pay their attorney seemed to win nearly every time, and justice was elusive especially for poor people who had strong cases with merit. In our ever-increasing stress-filled society, we wanted to help people reduce stress and save money, especially the average struggling American who must live paycheck to paycheck. Our efforts began as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln, and we always encouraged those who were considering lawsuits to seek mediation or other means of resolving their disputes. It was President Lincoln who said: "Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbor to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them the nominal winner is often a real loser in fees, expenses and waste of time." We felt a strong desire to ensure there was “justice for all” in America since we always said the Pledge of Allegiance in school growing up.

Justice Amendment

The ultimate goal of the A.H.A! since it began was to pass a justice amendment to the United States Constitution. This amendment would be twofold:

  1. A person would have the right to effective assistance of counsel in a civil matter if he can't afford it (the same as a criminal matter); and
  2. Computerization of evidence would be required before any lawsuits could be filed or any charges brought against a person or entity. Evidence would be presented for evaluation according to the "Farr Factor" - a computer program which is written to calculate the percentage of likelihood that the alleged defendant is guilty of the wrong for which he is accused. (This was named after Joan’s father, Major Jack G. Farr, whom she mentioned in her book TEN SECRETS, but it was not discovered until 2006 that he was sent on a suicide mission by LBJ that has been covered up since 1965.) The "Farr Factor" is the determining factor in any legal claim before a lawsuit can be filed or charges brought. It must be divulged to all parties prior to any litigation and is used to calculate damages.

The advantages of a justice amendment are many. Lawyers would no longer be able to drag out legal matters to cause emotional distress, or to waste people's time and money. Cases would be decided based on their merits and not technicalities. The side with the most money to pay their attorney no longer wins. The poor can no longer take advantage of the rich by filing frivolous lawsuits. The rich can no longer take advantage of the poor by buying off their attorneys to dismiss valid claims. False and frivolous charges can no longer be brought against innocent people. The wrong people will not be arrested, tried, sent to jail and/or executed. Overcrowding and the need for new prisons is reduced. Justice is rendered quickly, and the legal system becomes efficient. Lawsuits and the fear of lawsuits is reduced significantly. Constitutional freedoms are restored, people are less angry, violence and crime is decreased, and our government is respected again. Arrogance and oppression are lifted, and there will finally be "justice for all."
The only disadvantage of a justice amendment? Attorneys might make less money. However, this should be offset by the increase in the number of clients they will need to represent in civil matters. According to the Bible, you can’t serve God and money anyway, you can’t have two masters. Jesus was especially down on lawyers since he continually railed at them in Luke 11:46-52: “Woe to you lawyers!” He didn’t like that they twisted words and loaded men with heavy burdens. But we can “Make America Great Again” by ensuring that our legal system is fair and impartial.

How We Operate

The A.H.A! has always maintained that its C.E.O. and Directors are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, only an opinion. This is a guaranteed right under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Also, the Bible teaches that when we have disputes, we should try to work things out. If that fails, we are to take someone with us to try and help resolve it. So we were the “someone” and have been glad to assist in attempts to resolve disputes that people have contacted us about. If that doesn’t work, the Bible teaches that we should “take it to the church.” However, we were unable to find a church willing to partner with us and believe most fear being targeted. Our efforts have always involved discouraging litigation through public awareness and legal education. We wanted to encourage everyone to do business with attorneys who were members of the A.H.A!, but since none of them ever joined, we could not do so. So we still make referrals to about 25 Wichita area attorneys, most of whom were on our list of “Lawyers to Consider” for almost 15 years. Many people have also reported the illegal and/or unethical acts of their attorneys and our list of “Lawyers to Avoid” has grown substantially over the years. Our efforts evolved into helping people who could not acquire legal representation file their own lawsuits, largely the poor. We continue to be contacted by citizens in foreign countries (including Canada, Australia, Greece, Macedonia, England, Mexico, Hong Kong) to try and assist them with lawsuits. However, we are unable to do so since we do not have knowledge of their legal processes. In 2015, we learned that our quarterly e-mailed newsletters reached 110,000,000 people internationally. However, we were blocked from sending them out in 2018 after Yahoo bought AOL and became Oath which is part of Verizon. We now send them using a service, but this is just more evidence that the Deep State is continuing their persecution of Christians and their efforts to spread the truth and God’s Word. After being forced to dissolve in 2019, Joan continues her efforts to help people file federal suits since there are at least 16 cases that say anyone can help a person with a legal matter as long as they don’t present themselves as a lawyer. She has acquired 12 years of instruction by a former lawyer of 27 years and has taken 11 federal cases to date on writ of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. So if your efforts to reach a resolution of your legal matter fail, you can contact Joan for a free evaluation of your case any time. She accepts cases based on her workload, or you can file your own federal suit using our guide under “How to File a Federal Suit” and our cases under “Supporting Documents” as a template.



Forgotten Hero – Major Jack Farr

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