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Do attorneys "beat people up"
 to win lawsuits? 

We think this is the best-kept secret in America today. It also seems that no matter how good your case is, the side with the most money to pay their attorney wins. So where's the justice?

Who We Are

The Association for Honest Attorneys (A.H.A!) is a non-profit organization dedicated to discouraging civil litigation, increasing public awareness of the illegal and unethical practices of many attorneys, and seeking "justice for all." Our goal has been to improve the legal system in America and gain respect for the legal profession by striving to keep attorneys honest. Since forming in 2003, we have also evolved into an advocate against domestic surveillance, the targeting of innocent Americans nationwide and government racketeering in the State of Kansas. This happened because lawyers become judges become politicians, and lawyers make up the majority of people in our government today. Many of them are arrogantly not following our own laws which they themselves created.

What We Do

We strive to help people reduce stress and save money in any legal matter through alternative means of resolving issues, rather than lawsuits. In addition to referrals, we offer assistance with attorney difficulties, education regarding the legal system, and a quick resolution of your legal matters. The A.H.A! operates from donations which are used to increase public awareness through mass mailings and the news media in an effort to discourage litigation, especially suits which are frivolous. "All donations are 100% tax deductible." We offer assistance to those members who suspect ethical violations involving attorneys, and welcome membership by those attorneys who are committed to our goals and the good of mankind. We encourage everyone to do business with attorneys who are members of the A.H.A! As an example, attorney members must vow not to drag legal matters out needlessly, refuse to allow or engage in intentional emotional distress or harassment of clients and/or witnesses, and to be loyal to truth and justice above money.

When We Began

The Association for Honest Attorneys began in 2003, after its founder and CEO, Joan Farr, had been forced to represent herself and her husband in a case involving negligence, conspiracy and fraud. The defendants and their attorneys violated their 5th Amendment right to due process of law by influencing attorneys not to represent them and influencing the news media not to do a story so they couldn't get an attorney. Ms. Heffington spent an estimated $20,000 and 2200 hours trying to litigate the case herself. She appeared at some 26 hearings and conducted nine depositions against six corporate attorneys before the district court dismissed all claims. "She appealed her case to the United States Supreme Court in an effort to ensure "justice for all", not just for those with the most money. But her case was denied review on March 29, 2004." Her experiences, advice and suggestions for improving the legal system are detailed in her book, Ten Secrets You Must Know Before Hiring a Lawyer.

Why We Began

The A.H.A! is deeply concerned about the lack of justice in our justice system, as well as the illegal and unethical strategies used by attorneys to win lawsuits. In our ever-increasing stress-filled society, we want to help people reduce stress and save money, especially the average struggling American who must live paycheck to paycheck. We encourage those who are considering or involved in lawsuits to seek mediation or other means of resolving their disputes. It was Abraham Lincoln who first said: "Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbor to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them the nominal winner is often a real loser in fees, expenses and waste of time."

Justice Amendment

The ultimate goal of the A.H.A! is to pass a justice amendment to the United States Constitution. This amendment would be twofold:

  1. A person would have the right to effective assistance of counsel in a civil matter if he can't afford it (the same as a criminal matter); and
  2. Computerization of evidence would be required before any lawsuits could be filed or any charges brought against a person or entity. Evidence would be presented for evaluation according to the "Farr Factor" - a computer program which is written to calculate the percentage of likelihood that the alleged defendant is guilty of the wrong for which he is accused. The "Farr Factor" is the determining factor in any legal claim before a lawsuit can be filed or charges brought. It must be divulged to all parties prior to any litigation and is used to calculate damages.

The advantages of a justice amendment are many. Lawyers would no longer be able to drag out legal matters to cause emotional distress, or to waste people's time and money. Cases would be decided based on their merits and not technicalities. The side with the most money to pay their attorney no longer wins. The poor can no longer take advantage of the rich by filing frivolous lawsuits. The rich can no longer take advantage of the poor by ignoring/dismissing valid claims. False and frivolous charges can no longer be brought against innocent people. The wrong people will not be arrested, tried, sent to jail and/or executed. Overcrowding and the need for new prisons is reduced. Justice is rendered quickly, and the legal system becomes efficient. Lawsuits and the fear of lawsuits is reduced significantly. Constitutional freedoms are restored, people are less angry, violence and crime is decreased, and our government/legal system is respected again. Oppression is lifted, and there is "justice for all."

The only disadvantage of a justice amendment? Attorneys might make less money.

How We Operate

Most of our efforts involve discouraging litigation through public awareness, such as mass mailings. We encourage everyone to do business with attorneys who are members of the A.H.A! If members are having lawyer difficulties or would just like to comment, they are asked to fax, mail or e-mail us and we will respond as soon as possible. Some of these comments may be used on the "Comments Page" of our website.

Attorneys desiring to join are asked to commit to an Attorney Membership Agreement and pledge their support to the A.H.A! Constitution and By-laws. They are then granted a special certificate of membership which reveals their membership in good standing with the A.H.A! Their client files and correspondence are subject to review by our board members at any time with the consent of their client. Attorney members of the A.H.A! are investigated by our Board of Directors in regard to any complaints and may be expelled if it is found they are non-compliant.

Where To Reach Us

support@assocforhonestattys.com | 918.698.3289

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