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A.H.A! News Update
April 2019

TOP STORY:  Our research shows that AOL has “blacklisted” JoanFarr73@aol.com by applying restrictions and a filter to block incoming e-mails or send them to spam. So if you can’t get through, please call us at 918.698.3289. We have also decided to only report our activities from now on, since God helped us realize that we’ve been angry about the corruption in KS for too long. Since his opinion is the only one that really matters, we’re going to stay focused on our efforts to help people. “The anger of man does not work the righteousness of God.” James 1:20
A.H.A! Activities- 1/18 - man wanted help taking his case to the International Criminal Court. 1/19 - AR man needed help with case against police & sis who had him jailed on a false threat to their mother.1/18 - transgender woman from NH wanted to discuss corrupt legal system. 1/20 - CA woman targeted whose ovaries removed by satellite wants to sue Exagen Industries but already signed a settlement, we said we can’t take her $$ & try to work it out thru Congress.1/22 - met with Shreveport woman in divorce case who wants to sue lawyers.1/23 - WA man wants to sue over work comp claim.1/26 - efforts continue to help a dr in VA sue the Army & Walter Reed for revoking his medical privileges due to whistleblowing, he wrote to govt officials for 9 yrs & they did nothing.1/28 - tried to e-mail our news update and after 15 years, our 46 e-mail groups blocked by AOL who’s been bought out, so we had to hire a company to start sending it. 1/29 - GA man with 5 mo. to live trying to get his innocent son out of prison after 13 yrs.1/30 - TargetedJustice.com asked us to help file a class action for 1200 targeted individuals but only lawyers can file class actions, we don’t know if they’re all innocent so we had to decline.1/31 - LA woman fighting custody battle for 10 yrs, judge is blaming her for FB posts by her son.2/1 - Muslim man in GA wants to sue judge & lawyers.2/3 - GA man wants to sue in foreclosure case after police surrounded his home with machine guns.2/6 - woman in KC needed help for boy fined $2K for a drug chg. 2/11 - LA man targeted for exposing astroturf used by utility co.2/15 - WI man wants to sue federal judge for denying his rights under 42 USC 1983.2/18 - Wichita man needs help to sue police who forced him to register as sex offender but they have the wrong man.2/20 - ID man wants to sue lawyers there. 2/25 - Wichita woman had lawyer complaint. 2/27 - FL man wants to file suit in whistleblower case, told us to listen to Michael Savage & said our founding fathers did not want parties.2/28 - targeted woman in FL wants to file suit.3/3 - man in India wants to install the computer program for the “Farr Factor” described on our website in all the courts in his country.3/8 - OR man wants to sue police.3/12 - kept being harassed by woman we helped in Shreveport, so we had to file 3 police reports.3/19 - CA complaint about Atty Blake Rummel.3/24 - complaint about Wichita Attys J. Joseph Weber & Jennifer Goheen conspiring against a client.3/26 - Mennonite CA atty filing federal suit in KS for being falsely jailed there by other Mennonites so he could not give his views about the holocaust at a local college. He told us about new federal judges appointed by Trump in KS last year, John Broomes in Wichita & Holly Teeter in Topeka.3/30 - KS woman called to tell us about shiny new concrete floors & gates in Walmart which we think the govt may end up using as detention centers to hold illegal immigrants & Muslim terrorists (out on YouTube). 3/31 - WSJ article sent to us about man fighting HOA in KC area who spent $1 million on atty fees, so we wrote back about swatting by our HOA. 4/1 - OK woman told us about an awesome estate Atty Maureen Knudson in Tulsa.4/3 - noticed a lot of computer files missing, but we had backed them up.4/6 - phone tapped during a political conversation & then disabled for 2 days, still having issues. 4/6 - NY man needed help in bankruptcy case after being assaulted by atty outside courtroom.4/7 - 72-yr old MO woman still being targeted by military neighbor trying to take her lake land. 4/8 - enjoyed coffee with OK First Lady Sarah Stitt in Tulsa.4/9 - added 25 “Lawyers to Consider” back onto our website at www.assocforhonestattys.com.

“He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth.” Isaiah 53:7

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