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A.H.A! News Update
October 2018

TOP STORY: It’s pretty sad when a lawyer & trustee steal an inheritance from a struggling 25-yr old KS man and the federal court in KS dismisses the suit. In April 2017, we wrote about NY Trustee Pamela Puleo who had bought her own house with the young man’s inheritance and had NY Atty Justin Lite forge his signature on the deed so she could sell it quickly and pocket the $$ with the help of FL Atty Frederick Sundheim. So we helped the man file a federal suit and notice of pendency on 8/2/17 to stop the sale, which it did. However, after the court dismissed the suit on 2/2/18 and before the man could appeal, Atty Lite took a copy of the dismissal to a title company and sold the $455,000 house in NY so atty fees would get paid. Still praying that the Tenth Circuit will rule in the man’s favor so he will have justice (Case #18-3034).“.if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I restore it fourfold.” Luke 19:8

Speaking of which. On Aug. 9, the Tenth Circuit Court denied our appeal in HOA Case #18-3041 and in our IRS Case #18-9002 on Oct. 1. Both cases are being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court where we’re hoping that after 18 years, we’ll finally get some justice, too.“Yet because this widow bothers me, I will vindicate her, otherwise she will wear me out by her continual coming.”Luke 18:5

Out of something bad, something good always happens. The up side of losing our tax-exempt status is that now we can openly support political candidates. So why should you vote for Kris Kobach for KS governor on Nov. 6? Not only does Trump support him, but he will reallocate $$ down to the classroom level, cut tax on food, and fight corruption in KS which we have been journaling for 14 years. Others we like include Blake Carpenter, Ron Estes & Steve Watkins in KS & Kevin Stitt for governor of OK.

NO MORE CIVIL WAR. The Kavanaugh debacle was the best reason yet to dissolve both parties so we can end the constant “divide and conquer.” Besides, if it’s illegal to discriminate against a person for race, color, creed, etc., why is it okay for Republicans to discriminate against Democrats and vice versa? We should revise the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to add “political affiliation” and “socioeconomic status” before things get worse. Then we can elect people who believe in The Golden Rule and make America great again by voting for the person, not the party. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:9

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, IT’S ABOUT THEM.We like to help, but please don’t call us for a referral to a divorce lawyer if you have children. They need both parents and we’ll tell you to try and stay together, get some counseling, appease, do whatever it takes - just stay married until they’re at least 18 and gone so they don’t suffer worse. If God gave you kids, your purpose is to be the best parent you can be, and you can’t do it every other weekend. Put them first, since “he who is least among you all is the greatest.” Luke 9:48

Many people diagnosed schizophrenic really aren’t.They are being targeted through a National Security Letter that puts them on a terrorist watch list and allows them to hear REAL voices (FBI twerps) talking to them through an implanted microchip. Doctors are in on the misdiagnosis to put them on meds when they’re not crazy at all (tried on us, so we speak from experience). Remember you only need circumstantial evidence to prove a conspiracy, such as a timeline of facts and the affidavit(s) of people who agree with you. 

A.H.A! Activities - 7/2 - complaint about KC atty & judge who “rolls her eyes”.7/3 - FL  man wants to sue county who killed his dog. 7/4 - KS man said lawyers often lie in Butler Co. to make clients take a plea.7/5 - 71-yr old MO woman targeted by military couple next door trying to take her lake property. 7/10 - dentist in Canada asked if we were for real, liked our work. 7/11 - PA man needs lawyer for fraud case. 7/13 - targeted MD man in National Guard wants to sue.7/18 - NC man suing university for firing his wife who showed a student how to file harassment claim. 7/19 - KS man fighting pro se in family court to see 4-yr old daughter. 7/20 - CA woman needs help with case against judge/CPS.7/25 - met with POW David Everson in MN who shared a cell with John McCain for 2 yrs. 7/31 - trying to help TIs in Australia.8/2 - CO woman needs help with HOA case . 8/4 - KS man wants to sue in bank fraud scheme.8/6 - CA woman jailed 52 days after she tried to file federal suit.8/9 - disabled NJ mom says she has 8 lawsuits... 8/10 - targeted FL man says Morgellanscure.com helps destroy electronics in body, call 832-343-5425... 8/22 - VA college banned a prof from campus for being Christian and supporting Trump, lawsuit pending. 8/22 - GA woman wants to sue Atty Salmeh Fodor .8/23 - NC man falsely put in mental institution & wife moved out, near suicide and wants to sue.8/30 - OK man needs lawyer in mold case. 8/31 - NC woman needs help in Catholic priest pedophile case involving her son. 9/3 - KS man needs help with federal suit. 9/4 - KS woman needs help in estate matter. 9/5 - wife of CA man who worked at biomed lab put on terrorist watch list, wants to sue attys who conned him into binding arbitration. 9/10 - CA woman wants to sue CPS. 9/10 - NJ woman with 4 kids needs divorce lawyer but had 3 already. 9/11 - TN man had baby with woman in Mexico was put in jail crossing border, wants to sue. 9/12 - targeted man in NY wants to sue.9/13 - NJ woman wants to sue after daughter taken illegally.9/19 - UT woman complained about Atty Jared Brande.9/20 - military man in KS needs AF lawyer.9/27 - targeted AR man wants to sue.10/1 - WA man wants to sue state.10/3 - KY woman needs lawyer.10/5 - NH woman wants to sue CPS.10/6 - attended Trump rally in Topeka to support Kris Kobach.10/11 - targeted AZ woman denied help by John McCain in June.

KUDOS TO:  Kim Jong Un for allowing Christianity in North Korea.Queen Elizabeth for meeting with President Trump & Melania. Stephanie at the Cricket store in Derby for finally deleting our false FB account after they refused for 3 yrs...Navy man Kristian Saucier who was pardoned by Trump and is bravely suing Hillary Clinton. West Virginia GOP for impeaching all of their state Supreme Court justices.Senators who voted in Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a justice to the U.S. Supreme Court.

SHAME ON: Peter J. Reilly for distorting his article about us in Forbes magazine. Dr. Christine Blasi Ford for failing to forgive. Senator Dianne Feinstein for causing a ruckus. Megan McCain for Trump-bashing at her own father’s funeral.

“You shall not speak evil of a ruler of your people.” Acts 23:5

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