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The Association for Honest Attorneys (A.H.A!) is a non-profit organization dedicated to discouraging civil litigation, increasing public awareness of the illegal and unethical practices of many attorneys, and seeking “justice for all”.


The goals of the Association for Honest Attorneys (A.H.A!) are to educate and assist its members and the general public for the following purposes:

a. To discourage civil litigation.

b. To increase public awareness of the illegal and unethical practices of many attorneys.

c. To reduce stress and save people money.

d. To keep attorneys honest.

e. To gain respect for the legal profession.

f. To improve the legal system in America.

g. To seek "justice for all."

h. To cooperate with all public, private, religious agencies and professional groups in the furtherance of these ends.

i. To financially support and promote the common cause.

j. To solicit and receive funds for the accomplishment of the above purposes.

(fill out and mail in)

I, ___________________________________, the undersigned, as a practicing attorney member of the Association for Honest Attorneys (A.H.A!) in the State of ________________,
Bar No.___________, Year______do solemnly swear to the following:

1. I agree not to engage in or allow others to unnecessarily drag out the legal matter of a client/potential client to cause them intentional emotional distress.

2. I agree to not to engage in client/witness harassment or allow such action by other attorneys or members of law firms.

3. I agree to be loyal to truth and justice above money.

4. I agree not to engage in ex parte communications with judges at any time, and will never divulge my client's fees to judges, opposing counsel or others.

5. I agree to suggest mediation and alternative means of conflict resolution to clients/potential clients before filing litigation.

6. I have reviewed the most current A.H.A! Constitution and By-laws and agree to support them while maintaining the Code of Conduct for attorneys.

7. I agree to advise clients/potential clients that I am an A.H.A! member and to reveal this document to them prior to representation.

8. I agree not to engage in any illegal or unethical activities deemed inappropriate by the A.H.A! Board of Directors, or agree to forfeit my membership.

9. I agree that my client's files and correspondence are subject to review at any time by the A.H.A! Board of Directors, with prior written consent by my client.

10. In the conduct of business, I agree to treat others as I would like to be treated.

11. I understand that my failure to fulfill any part of this agreement may result in my being expelled from the Association for Honest Attorneys (A.H.A!). I agree that this action may be made public knowledge.

12. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the A.H.A! and/or any members of its Board of Directors for any actions on their part in connection with this agreement.

I hereby agree to the full performance of the covenants of this Agreement, made on this _______ day of _________________, 20______.

CEO/Board President


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