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A.H.A! News Update
April 2018

TOP STORY:  In March, we appealed three lawsuits to the Tenth Circuit Court that we hope will set precedence for HOAs who violate homeowners’ rights and attorneys who steal inheritances (which a lawyer told us goes on all the time). Wichita Judge Eric Melgren dismissed our stolen inheritance lawsuit, so we appealed it on 3/5 (Case #18-3034). The lawsuit against our HOA was dismissed by KC Judge Carlos Murguia, so we appealed it on 3/13 (Case #18-3041). Finally, we had to appeal our IRS case after DC Judge Carolyn Chiechi ruled that we owe $88,800 (Case #18-9002). We hope the Tenth Circuit will waive the filing fees!

All 435 seats in Congress and 33 Senate seats are up for re-election in 2018. So the main thing you need to know about any candidate running is whether they follow Agenda 21 (New World Order) or Agenda 2 (Franklin Graham’s credo “if my people will turn from their sins, I will heal their nation.”) If no straight answer and their big donors are career politicians, vote them out!

HEALTH ISSUES.Are you getting adequate medical treatment if you are low income or elderly? Our research says no. On 2/2, a man we know went in for chest pain and coughing up blood. He was in ICU for 3 days and sent home, but later got a copy of his medical records. It turns out he was never told about other illnesses, nor did they treat them. Another retired man had a mini-stroke in his eye and was told there was no treatment, but the internet showed six. Our CEO went into the ER with a kidney stone and sent home with sepsis, but they never told her - just 2 prescriptions to “go die a peaceful death.” Remember that Obamacare is based on your income, and if you don’t pay much in, your care is minimal. So check your medical records to find out the truth!

How the IRS can remove your 501(c)3 non-profit status and make it appear legal.As a 501(c)3, you don’t have to file taxes if donations are less than $50K annually. Sofrom 2003 - 2014, all we had to do was fill out a 990-N postcard saying we took in less than this. But in 2015, the IRS sent a letter saying our non-profit status was revoked in 2010 without even telling us or holding a hearing. At the same time, they changed the 990-N postcard so that you must fill it out on line, giving them the power to “reject” a submission. Then if you don’t fill it out 3 yrs in a row (and we tried), you automatically lose your non-profit status. Outrageous!

A.H.A! TIP:  We often talk people out of suing govt agencies/police/judges if they don’t have a strong case, like a PA man who called us on 2/23. He wanted to sue the AF for causing his alcoholism and make them pay for medical MJ he now takes, but he wanted to re-enlist (??) You have to have solid claims with evidence to back them up and damages before you file a suit. Always try and work it out first according to the Bible: “..on the way to court with your accuser, make an effort to settle.” Luke 12:58

A.H.A! Activities:  1/24 - a Tulsa lawyer told us he loves our news update and his name is Jim Love!... 1/24 - man in P.O. told us to add Wichita Attys Michelle D. White and David Leon to our list of “Lawyers to Avoid”.1/25 - UT woman needed help with a civil suit. 1/29 - MD woman targeted with V2K needs help with lawsuit, dr removed 2 microchips from her neck.1/30 - Wichita couple needed help suing Attys Elizabeth Henry and Brian Collignon after they dragged their personal injury case out. 2/6 - CO man needed record expunged.. 2/6 - TX woman wants to sue CPS who put her child in foster care.2/7 - scathing report on Wichita Atty David Hawley. 2/14 - call from OH Atty Randy Block helping a TI in FL who didn’t know that gangstalking is really govt targeting using FBI “surveillance specialists”. 2/16 & 17 - helped at Kris Kobach’s campaign debate in Wichita. 2/17 - spoke with KS Atty Gen Derek Schmidt about taking our acre of land to pay off the $120K the state says we owe so we can move on (still no answer). 2/17 - MD whistleblower wants to sue over targeting. 2/19 - OH man wants to sue ex for fraud in agreeing to marry him so she could get a green card.2/24 - firefighter wants to sue KC & union after losing job. 2/27 - LA woman wants to sue lawyer and ex in her divorce, told us about ‘catfishing’ where your data is routed to a third party before it’s sent to you.3/1 - OH man deemed incompetent (but sounded fine to us) wants to sue lawyers for denial of due process.3/5 - Midwest Innocence Project told us about Lamont McIntyre who was proven innocent and released from KS prison after 23 yrs but no compensation, donate to him at www. razoo.com/story/Lamonte Mcintyre. 3/6 - TX woman wants to sue CPS for taking her children.3/9 - NSA whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart told us that Idaho passed a law to protect citizens from surveillance under NDAA. 3/8 - OH man wants to file suit over son in foster care. 3/9 - SF man needs help settling SS case with govt. 3/9 - Canadian man wants to start an A.H.A! after his home burned down & lawyers screwed him over.3/11 - KS woman suing state for fall on capitol steps. 3/12 - RNC advised us about Downes v. Bidwell (1901) giving credibility to our claim that KS was put under French Law in 1959. 3/14 - OH man’s lawyer dragged out his divorce then sued him for $13K in atty fees so we helped him threaten to sue, then the lawyer died and his case was dismissed. 3/16 - targeted woman in GA wants to sue.3/19 - TX woman wants to sue. 3/25 - CT woman has medmal suit. 3/26 - CA man had wrongful termination case against SS. 3/29 - VA dr wants to sue Army.4/10 - a man named Jesus in FL is helping people get justice. Go Jesus!

KUDOS TO:  President Trump for releasing the memo. Melania Trump for purging the White House of demonic religious artifacts. CBS for their new show “Living Biblically”. Kris Kobach for asking us to help at his campaign for governor events in Wichita and statewide. Wink Hartman for bowing out of the KS governor race and running with Kris Kobach.

SHAME ON:  Wichita Atty Michael Studtmann for playing dirty in a divorce which left an OK woman penniless after 11 yrs of marriage. City of Wichita for making it illegal to give $$ to homeless people.CNN for hiring actors in Parkfield shooting. KC Star for fake news 2/16 that Colyer was leading the race for KS governor.FBI for raiding the office of Trump’s attorney.

“.whoever does not do right is not of God.” I John 3:10

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