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We believe the following lawyers are guilty of unethical practices.  Such practices include, but are not limited to:  dragging legal matters out needlessly, causing intentional emotional distress, failing to reveal truths, conspiring with opposing counsel, harassment, overcharging, failing to return phone calls, ineffective assistance of counsel, and others. Our opinion is based on documented complaints received by clients, personal experience and/or news media reports:

City, State
Alexander, Phil Derby, KS
Andrews, Joshua S. Augusta, KS
Arvin, Les Atlanta, GA
Arthur, Bonnie Washington, DC
Atkins, Jay River Edge, NJ
Ayesh, Mark Wichita, KS
Back, Daniel K. Wichita, KS
Badger, Ronald K. Wichita, KS
Baker, Cami R. Augusta, KS
Barbara, Michael Wichita, KS
Barry, Robert Chulmsford, NH
Batt, Roger Wichita, KS
Bealle, Terry Wichita, KS
Beasley, Judge Jim Wichita, KS
Bell, Mark Lawrence, KS
Benjamin, Ronald Binghamton, NY
Berry, Marc Olathe, KS
Berry-West, Karen Wichita, KS
Bertholf, Clifford L. Wichita, KS
Blaylock, Stephen Wichita, KS
Bogle, Joe Wichita, KS
Boyd, Bradley Melbourne, FL
Brackeen, Herb Wichita, KS
Brandt, William D. Salem, OR
Brennan, Sean Wichita, KS
Brewster, Judge Daniel Parsons, KS
Brooks, Judge Dan Wichita, KS
Burgess, Judge James Wichita, KS
Burrow, Arlene Derby, KS
Cameron, Monica Wichita, KS
Carmichael, Jeffrey Wichita, KS
Carpenter, James Topeka, KS
Carpenter, Joshua Albuquerque, NM
Carter, Eric Atlanta, GA
Casey, Paula Kidd Wichita, KS
Cassell, Joe Wichita, KS
Clery, Michael Wichita, KS
Cline, James A Wichita, KS
Cole, Charles Wichita, KS
Colvin, William Kansas City, KS
Commer, Eric Wichita, KS
Constable, Linda Wichita, KS
Corrigan, Judge Michael

Wichita, KS

Cotton, Casey

Wichita, KS

Cox, Evelyn Sacramento, CA
Craft, Julia A Wichita, KS
D'Anton, John Mahwah, NJ
Desjardins, Hal Topeka, KS
Dietrich, David Billings, MT
Dietz, Richard Osborne, KS
Dill,William Norman, OK
Domitrovic, Gerald Wichita, KS
Doudin, Conrad El Dorado, KS
Dugan, Melissa Chanute, KS
Dwyer, Suzanne Wichita, KS
Earnest, Patrick Wichita, KS
Edlavitch, Benjamin Chicago, IL
Ellis, Susan Wichita, KS
English, Elwood Billings, MT
Fain, Bruce Billings, MT
Falcone, Ian Marc Marietta, GA
Farmer, Robert Fort Scott, KS
Farrell, Mary L Chicago, IL
Farris, David Wichita, KS
Faure, John Santa Fe, NM
Felker, Randall Santa Fe, NM
Fields, William J. Wichita, KS
Fife, Charles Denver, CO
Fink, David E. Baltimore, MD
Finkelstein, Mark A. Irvine, CA
Finnerty, Kathleen Sacramento, CA
Fleetwood, Judge James Wichita, KS
Floodman, Sheila Wichita, KS
Fodor, Salmeh K. Atlanta, GA
Foulston, Nola Wichita, KS
Fraser, Knute Wichita, KS
Frazier, Newt Wichita, KS
Gagne, Leah Wichita, KS
Geeding, Martin Wichita, KS
Geller, Mitch Denver, CO
Gilliam, John Wichita, KS
Gilman, Patricia Wichita, KS
Goheen-Lynch, Jennifer Wichita, KS
Gold, Judge Arnold Los Angeles, CA
Goodrich, Michael I. Baxter Springs, KS
Grace, Brian Wichita, KS
Gragert, Michael D. Wichita, KS
Grant, Russell Mulvane, KS
Gribble II, Don Wichita, KS
Griffith, Jeff Derby, KS
Gubernick, Deborah A. Costa Mesa, CA
Gulledge, Cathleen Wichita, KS
Halverson, Elizabeth Billings, MT
Harper, Kurt Wichita, KS
Harris, Charles F. Wichita, KS
Hauk, Loren Wichita, KS
Hawley, David A. Wichita, KS
Heffron, Tyler Wichita, KS
Helsel, Janet Wichita, KS
Henderson, Frank Greeley, CO
Hess, Charles Wichita, KS
Hetting, Michael Topeka, KS
Hiebert, David Wichita, KS
Hillman, Windy Atlanta, GA
Hilton, Bruce F. St. Louis, MO
Himmelstein, Samuel New York, NY
Hodge, Ray Wichita, KS
Hoeme, Jess Wichita, KS
Hogan, Paul Wichita, KS
Hollis, Larry Wichita, KS
Hund, Edward J. Wichita, KS
Hurtig, Becky Wichita, KS
James, Richard E Clay Center, KS
Jensen, Gail Wichita, KS
Johnson, Bob Iola, KS
Jones, Jerome R. Wichita, KS
Jordan, Brenda Manhattan, KS
Joseph, Stephen Wichita, KS
Jones, Steve Wichita, KS
Kahrs, Mark Wichita, KS
Kamas, Frank J. Wichita, KS
Kasraie, Bijan Atlanta, GA
Keiter, Leon Wichita, KS
Keith, Gregory Wichita, KS
Kell, Judge Carlton L. Cobb County, GA
Kelly, Shannon A. Wichita, KS
Kemp, Anita Wichita, KS
Kepfield, Sam Hutchinson, KS
King, Tim J. Wichita, KS
Kidd, Roger C. Wichita, KS
Kisner, Judge Joe Wichita, KS
Kline, Phill Olathe, KS
Kluin, Kurt F. Chanute, KS
Knopp, Ted Wichita, KS
Kolbjornsen, Kenneth Edward Denver, CO
Korn, Jeffrey Los Angeles, CA
Kyle, Steven J. Atlanta, GA
Ladner, Christine Wichita, KS
Landis, Scott Long Beach, CA
Lane, Robert El Dorado, KS
Lawing, Jim Wichita, KS
Lazzo, Mark J. Wichita, KS
Lazzo, Mike Wichita, KS
Lesnevitch,, Madeline River Edge, NJ
Lesnevitch, Walter River Edge, NJ
Linn, Larry Wichita, KS
Lisk, Sandrene Wichita, KS
Long, Donna J. Concordia, KS
Lucas, Judge Thomas Norman, OK
Lyon, Ronald A. Wichita, KS
City, State
Macias, Richard Wichita, KS
Malicoat, Mary Wichita, KS
Maloney, Mark R. Wichita, KS
Manning, Robert Wichita, KS
Martin, Keith E. Wichita, KS
Martin, Rebecca Kansas City, MO
Masry, Ed Westlake Village, CA
Mathewson, Meg Wichita, KS
Maughn, Carl Wichita, KS
McIntyre, James Wichita, KS
McDowell, Thomas Wichita, KS
McPherson, Boyd Wichita, KS
Melgren, Eric Topeka, KS
Milby, Dana Wichita, KS
Miller, Jason Hackensack, NJ
Miller, Vern Wichita, KS
Mills, Russell Derby, KS
Mitchell, Patrick Wichita, KS
Molamphy, Dennis Wichita, KS
Moore, Juliarianna Wichita, KS
Moore-Ariagno, Julie Wichita, KS
Morgan, John Newton, KS
Morrison, Paul Topeka, KS
Mueller, Klaus Wichita, KS
Murphy, Justice Patrick B. Alhambra, CA
Nail, Rick Lakeland, FL
Najim, Harry Wichita, KS
Nelson, Gary A. Leavenworth, KS
Nelson, John G. Atlanta, GA
Newbery, C. David Topeka, KS
Nolla-Corretjer, Carlos Wichita, KS
O’Brien, John Hollister, CA
O’Hara, Charles A. Wichita, KS
Ohaebosim, Uzo Wichita, KS
Ojile, Frank Wichita, KS
Orr, Mark Wichita, KS
Oswalt, James S. Hutchinson, KS
Oswalt, James S. Hutchinson, KS
Patterson, Gary Wichita, KS
Perner, Rachel Wichita, KS
Pickler, Harold T. Wichita, KS
Pilshaw, Judge Rebecca Wichita, KS
Pirner, Rachel Wichita, KS
Pittman, Bruce Springfield, NJ
Pleyte, James Hollister, CA
Pooley, Doug Denver, CO
Powell, Judge Anthony Wichita, KS
Prauser, Larry Columbus, KS
Price, Randall J. Wichita, KS
Pringle, Kent Chanute, KS
Puntch Jr, James Wichita, KS
Radetsky, Jay Denver, CO
Rasch, Albert Costa Mesa, CA
Redmond, Judge Noreen McComb Co., MI
Reed, Ben Wichita, KS
Reidmiller, Roger Wichita, KS
Reisinger, Robert Long Beach, CA
Roach, Mike Wichita, KS
Robinson, Edward Wichita, KS
Robles, Robert OK City, OK
Roth, Judge Douglas Wichita, KS
Rubow, John Chanute, KS
Rummel, Blake A. Los Angeles, CA
Rumsey, Judge Robb Wichita, KS
Rupert, James Wichita, KS
Russell, Judge Janet Olathe, KS
Samson, Anthony San Antonio, TX
Sanders, Judge John El Dorado, KS
Saunders, Judge Steve Hollister, CA
Schaeffer, James E. Ponca City, OK
Schwartz, Greg Hays, KS
Scimeca, Tim Wichita, KS
Sevart, Mark Derby, KS
Shanyfelt, Laura Wichita, KS
Shay, Dennis E. Wichita, KS
Sheahon, Jack Salina, KS
Sherwood, Roger Wichita, KS
Shores, Sean Wichita, KS
Siewert, Joseph Wichita, KS
Simkovic, Jeff Billings, MT
Simpson, Kristy Wichita, KS
Singleton, Stan Derby, KS
Six, Steven Topeka, KS
Small, Linda Wichita, KS
Sokolov, James Worcester, MA
Spahn, Jr., Jeff C Wichita, KS
Spence, Jerry Jackson Hole, WY
Stalcup, Randy Andover, KS
Steward, Judge Frederick Topeka, KS
Stokes, James D. Marietta, GA
Struble, Roger Salina, KS
Stuart, John David Marietta, GA
Stucky, Judge David E. Canton, OH
Studtmann, Michael Wichita, KS
Sullivan, Jon Wichita, KS
Swanson, David E. Irvine, CA
Swenson, Bruce Wichita, KS
Swenson, David D. Concordia, KS
Syrios, Judge Jeff Wichita, KS
Ternes, Steven Wichita, KS
Thom, Michael Norman, OK
Tiffany, William Hollister, CA
Thomas, Bob Olathe, KS
Tobias, Harry Hollister, CA
Tontz, Gregory Norman, OK
Tousley, Ernest Wichita, KS
Tredwell, Devoe Wichita, KS
Tsintoulas, Susan Rockvill, MD
Turner, Rachel K. Wichita, KS
Underhill, Wally Wichita, KS
Van Fleet, G. Nelson Wichita, KS
Via, Jr., Ray Washington, D.C.
Vining, Judge Mark Wichita, KS
Vokins, Tai Topeka, KS
Wagle, Jennifer Wichita, KS
Wagner, Tad Wichita, KS
Waller, Judge Gregory M. Wichita, KS
Walters, Judge Patrick Wichita, KS
Ward, Jim Wichita, KS
Ward, Judge Michael El Dorado, KS
Weber, Joseph Wichita, KS
West, Karen Wichita, KS
White, Judge Doyle Eugene El Dorado, KS
White, Phillip Wichita, KS
Whitton, Jon Salina, KS
Wilbert, Judge Warren Wichita, KS
Williamson, Lawrence Kansas City, KS
Willis, Jeffery Wichita, KS
Wilson, James W. Wichita, KS
Wingert, Kyle Wichita, KS
Wingfield, Kyle Kay Wichita, KS
Wood, Kate Spillman, NJ
Woolley, Judge William Wichita, KS
Works, Frederick J. Iola, KS
Yates, Gregory A. Encino, CA
Young, Gregory S. Wichita, KS
Young, Ronald L. Irvine, CA
Zongker, James B. Wichita, KS

*NOTE:  Attorneys may be removed from this list by agreeing to one year of probation and a final review by our board of directors.  They must then become a member of the Association for Honest Attorneys, sign the A.H.A! Attorney Membership Agreement and abide by the A.H.A! Constitution and By-laws.


We have removed the names of attorneys that we had on this list, because there are NO honest attorneys in America. Not one lawyer has joined our organization since we began in 2003, and this speaks volumes. However, if you would like a referral to a lawyer in the Wichita area that we feel you can trust, please send an e-mail request to support@assocforhonestattys.com. We will be glad to assist you.


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Please contact us at support@assocforhonestattys.com
or call us at 918.698.3289.