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A.H.A! News Update
January 2018

TOP STORY:  We stopped our news update a year ago, but recently received an e-mail from a FL man who raked us over the coals. He said he’s been ripped off by one corrupt lawyer after another with nowhere to go and angrily called us “quitters.” So we prayed and asked God. did He want us to give up all these legal battles? The next day, three people in NM, FL & NC e-mailed us to help them with federal suits. Guess not! We are hoping Pres. Trump will remove innocent people from the terrorist watch list as he promised on 9/26/16 in his debate with Hillary. On 1/10/18, we sent letters to him & 35 members of Congress asking to revise the Patriot Act or pass a law to this effect. Until then, we’ll keep helping with Section 1983 cases to give people hope.“So we do not lose heart.” 2 Cor.4:16

JUDGE NOT. We have also been waiting to see if the IRS was going to revoke our non-profit status and make us pay taxes we don’t owe at a trial in OK on 9/20/16. We couldn’t get a lawyer and got steamrolled, even with no witnesses against us. Judge Carolyn Chiechi refused to let us plead the 5th Amendment and denied all our evidence showing we’ve been targeted as a conservative Tea Party group, even testimony that a MI man turned down an offer of $8.4 million by his lawyers to settle his suit “if he would testify against our CEO at the IRS trial.” This evidence was stricken from the record. Then on 1/9/18, the judge ruled that we owe $88,864.51. We need your prayers that this will somehow be resolved, since “all things work together for good to those who love God.” Romans 8:28

Let’s “make America great again” by revising the 6th Amendment. People have the right to an attorney in a criminal matter if they can’t afford one, so they should have that right in a civil matter as well, especially if your Constitutional rights are violated.Of course, adding “effective assistance of counsel” is a must. Btw if you are filing a case pro se, we just updated our guide under “How to File a Federal Suit” at www.assocforhonestattys.com...

A.H.A! TIP:  If you are outside the courtroom trying to work out a settlement or plea bargain, NEVER take your attorney’s word on what you agree to. ALWAYS tell them you want to go inside the court room so the agreement is in front of a judge and transcribed on the record. If you don’t, you can get railroaded later on and will have nothing in writing to prove what was said. We have seen this happen too many times - don’t trust the system!

A.H.A! Activities:  8/2 - helped file suit against FL Atty Fred Sundheim for breach of fiduciary duty. 8/31 - talked Hispanic man in SF out of suing a judge so he won’t lose his kids. 9/6 - IL woman needed help suing judges, her 1983 claims had gone on for 10 yrs. 9/7 - PA man called for help with guardianship abuse case. 9/7 - OH man needed help for fiancée being targeted by NSL, she said police told her that they now use electromagnetic surveillance on drug addicts to try and “scare them straight”. 9/11 - IL man being targeted needs help filing suit. 9/17 - couple knocked on our door and wanted help suing KS Atty Tai Vokins who took $50K and did nothing, he sued our CEO in 2009 for practicing law without a license and kept bragging in court about how he got a $120K judgment against her and that’s how they found us. 9/24 - FL man wants to sue after losing his retirement home. 9/26 - targeted woman in OK wants to file suit. 9/27 - OK woman wants to sue Wichita Atty Michael Studtmann.10/7 - AR woman wants to sue CPS.10/7 - Kansans should vote “NO” against “ranked-choice voting” already in place in MN, CA & CO which is a method to keep random people/Independents from winning an election. 10/28 - Australian man needed help for a woman in Belgium suing the govt there who had a baby in jail and it was taken. 11/5 - FL woman wants to sue CPS. 11/11 - FL woman trying to sue Amtrak. 11/11 - KS woman needs estate atty. 11/12 - woman in KS fighting corruption. 11/13 - CA woman needs help with corrupt court. 11/25 - targeted man in IA wants to file suit. 11/26 - KS man wants to file suit in his divorce.. 11/26 - man forwarding report that his atty tried to kill him. 12/10 - CA woman needs lawyer for criminal case.12/11 - complaint about Wichita Atty Julia Craft.12/12 - Wichita lawyer divorcing wife of 25 yrs and screwed her over in the filing. 12/27 - IL woman needs help with federal suit.12/29 - KS woman wants to sue her atty for being falsely jailed for 31 days.1/5 - may run for KS atty general (only need 5000 signatures!). 1/8 - complaint about Wichita Atty Jeffrey Carmichael.Wichita woman needs bankruptcy lawyer.1/12 - woman targeted in GA needs help.1/14 - FL woman being targeted wants to sue.1/17 - OH man followed our guide to sue his atty. celebrating 15 years in business since we began in 2003!

KUDOS TO:  Kris Kobach for running for governor of Kansas (he is a Christian first & foremost - Kansas needs him!). organizers of the First Annual Unity and Hope Conference in Boston MA on 10/21 & 22 for targeted individuals world-wide. Trump for trying to work with GOP oldies, Dems and the news media - toughest job ever!

SHAME ON:  General Mills for putting TSP in their cereals, a carcinogen that eats away lead paint and causes cancer. CNN for continuing to spew gossip about Trump as news.Trump for dissolving the Election Integrity Committee chaired by Pence and Kobach when elections in KS have been fixed for years.?


“Nothing is covered that will not be revealed.” Matthew 10:26

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